The most important link of the value chain presented to the clients of Bilpe Media is the manpower. In this regard, human resource is the fundamental basis of the all investments of Bilpe Media. The main human resources approach and philosophy of Bilpe Media is based on having our all employees and colleagues raise their potencies to the peak point. The Human Resources Management of our company targets to assign the right person to the right job in accordance with the conducted job analysis and incoming projects while aiming to gain his/her productive persistence and self-development. In line with this target, we work meticulously and scrutinizingly through the employment process, in constructive manner in the assessment process and in systematic methodology in practice. Along with this purpose and approach, the models ensuring the rise of potencies of our employees are implemented, so that high productivity and quality are obtained as the necessary assets of the dynamic business management.


Our training system, as having a strategic role and importance in our human resources policy, targets to support the improvement and development of our employees and colleagues in both theoretical and practical as well as individual ways. For each employee and colleague; orientation and on the job trainings that aim toget him/her to get familiar with the corporate culture, skill developing and competence trainings (such as effective communication, persuasion ability, customer management and stress management) in addition to the particular trainings with regard to the products/services that aim to get him/her to meet the job specifications and requirements are planned and executed. Following these trainings, employees and colleagues are evaluated by the feedbacks gotten from their respective managers and interaction groups, and in case it is deemed to be beneficial and/or necessary, additional trainings are provided.

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    Rumeysa DEMİR

    R & D Manager

    Adding values to the brands of the companies that we have been doing business and we will do business with, and bringing particular solutions for our clients, carrying these solutions into successful effect as well become the source of our aspiration and they inspire us to get ahead with more enthusiasm through the success.